Girls Rock Camp Alliance Community
Girls Rock Camp Alliance Community

Welcome to Girls Rock Camp Alliance Community

Providing resources and space for collective liberation.

About Us

GRCA Community is a private virtual space for Girls Rock Camp Alliance member organizations, where you can find and share resources, join interest and working groups, explore and experience events happening all over the globe, and stay in touch with other GRCA members. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

GRCA Community is currently open to...

At this time, GRCA Community is currently open for folks ages 18+ who have volunteered and/or are part of any of our member organizations.  For those of any age who are interested in the GRCA movement (including non-members!), we are working on a list-serv project and will keep you updated here and through our website regarding this project, as well as opening up this platform in the future. ***Stay tuned!***

A Big Thanks

The GRCA Community platform exists thanks to our members’ dreamy visions of what could be possible, the hard work of our 2019-2020 GRCA Board Resource Sharing Platform Team & Jenn Johnson from Rain City Rock Camp for Girls in Seattle, Washington. A really big shout out to Jenn for all of her work hosting the legendary GRCA Toolkit over the years, her recommendation of Mighty Networks Platform, and sage advice.  THANK YOU!